MultitrackStudio 9.7
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MultitrackStudio 9.7

Record, mix, and edit MIDI audio tracks
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Create multi-track recordings in the MIDI format. Select the existing files or create new ones, view the layout of their sound components, optimize the volume, pitch, tone, etc. Perform live recording and generate mixes of separate tracks to develop complex presentations.

MultitrackStudio can help you create your own music mixes. This application allows for multiple tracks recording, editing them and generating the final mix. These tasks are usually quite complex; so, if you find this tool difficult to use, its developers are not to be blamed, because they’ve done a lot to facilitate your work. First, the interface layout resembles that of a real tape-based mixer, which makes using this virtual one much easier. Second, every time you start a project, there’s a wizard to guide you through different steps. Third, the application has context-sensitive help, which means that pressing the F1 key shows instant assistance about the interface element your mouse is pointing at. Finally, there’s also a detailed help documentation you can consult at any time.

The application can help you do anything available from a multi-track studio. Thus, it allows recording multiple tracks simultaneously. Fortunately, it supports not only standard audio input but also MIDI sounds from external devices or the virtual keyboard. Each of these tracks can be edited separately, and such operations as copying, moving, deleting, stretching and warping are possible. Besides, the tools come with a long list of effects, which includes automated fader, chorus, compressor, echo, guitar amp, noise gate, vocal tuner and reverb, to mention but a few. It is very convenient that you can automate the mixer sections and audio effects using the program´s automation editor. After editing, you can proceed to mastering, which is done by using an equalizer, a compressor and a master limiter effect. The results of your work can be either saved as a project (called song here) or mixed down to an audio file.

All in all, MultiTrackStudio is an excellent application that can be used for both amateur and professional audio mixing. Although its multiple features undoubtedly give it a great value, its most appreciated asset is usability. It’s good to know that everything has been done to turn music recording and mixing into a pleasant experience instead of a grueling one.

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  • It has a nice interface
  • The user receives plenty of help in different ways
  • It supports recording audio and MIDI
  • It allows recording various tracks simultaneously
  • It includes multiple effects
  • It allows automating the mixer section and the effects


  • When the program is running, it may interfere with the functioning of other applications, such as media players
  • Inexperienced users may find it difficult to use


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